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The Power of Conviction


Conviction plays a large role in success, especially in today’s online world where targeted advertising is constantly seeking to distract us, and the opinions of others can sometimes drown our own wisdom.

If you’ve been a fan of this site, then you’ll know that I love the Japanese anime show Naruto  Shippuuden. In their latest Episode 272, the theme was around convinction.

Conviction plays a major role in our successes and failures. In the show, a villain states, “Death is not the end. Loss of conviction is.” This sentiment is embodied in the qualities of the White Tiger that is used on this site. Strength through conviction is akin to strength through the sword.

“People are like swords. I was not sharp enough.”

This translates to principles mentioned in the famous Japanese classic The Book of Five Rings. In the book, Master Swordsman and Samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashi, emphasizes the importance of conviction with lessons such as “the moment one thinks their opponent is stronger than them, they have lost.” Some may say that this leads to a sort of arrogance or over self-confidence. In many cases, it does. However, greats like boxer Muhammad Ali or actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, have all had this high self-belief in the face of opposition or adversity. Channelled for “good,” it can turn someone from good to great.

Conviction can also carry groups of people into realms of strength they may never have known they had. Just look at all the great leaders of the past, and you will see how their conviction soars through people when they speak. They motivate people to take action.

All in all, conviction can be a powerful quality when seeking to change the world. But, like many things, it can be used for great good or great evil. I hope, my friend, you choose your convictions for good.


Author: George

George is the founder of Disciplinism. When he's not being an entrepreneur, he's taking time out to focus on his Inner Journey. He enjoys deep and meaningfuls, exploring new cultures, and martial arts.

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