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Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?


Crocodile is an animal of patience and timing, and part of timing is stealth and cunning. We can use stealth and cunning to seem passive while waiting for the opportunity to strike in our lives for reward; whether it be a promotion, a change in our own way of thinking or some other form of nourishment. This allows us to conserve energy, relax, and support awareness while looking after ourselves.

Crocodiles thrive in the shadow and revive in the sun. Their ability to revive on a daily basis is also a symbol of rebirth, particularly the day-to-day rebirths we go through as we learn and grow. Darker energies, underworld gods and shadow aspects of the self may have surfaced due to an astrological cycle, or due to tumult in your life, or a signal to move into shadow spiritually to understand the darker aspects of your soul.

Crocodile shares with us the wisdom of tenderness when nurturing our projects and offspring, yet still maintaining our self-discipline, power and balance. If you fear crocodile, you may find it very difficult to accept your great personal power, your cunning abilities, and knowing when to strike for opportunity, growth and advancement in your life. When this happens, we can come to understand our place within nature, our fragility, and our fears, without being controlled by them. You may find it too ‘heartless’ to use cunning or stealth for advancement.

Crocodile confronts an inability to reconcile dualistic aspects of yourself, and helps you to learn how to find a greater sense of inner balance.

Keywords – Maternal Protection, Connection to the Earth Mother, Protection from Manipulation, Understanding Deceit, Revenge Through Patience, Initiation, Understanding Weather, Access to Ancient Knowledge, Aggression, Survival, Adaptability

According to Crocodile Dreaming, death and birth are both vital stages of initiation. As such, Crocodile Dreaming primes us to close one door so that another may open. Crocodile people are both gentle and loving, but, due to circumstance, often seem hard-nosed and strong. They honour both qualities, but rarely combine the two. They take immediate and steadfast responsibility for all aspects of their life and never feel squeamish about doing what it takes to honour the process.

Crocodile people often grow up being shown very little encouragement. They are often forced to fend for themselves and seek emotional nourishment from who ever is willing to offer it. As a result, Crocodile people often find themselves victims of abuse and neglect, or orphaned at an early age.

Crocodile people are powerfully creative, either with their hands or in the way they think and perceive the world. A bi-product of being forced to think outside the box to survive, Crocodile people can turn any negative experience into a positive one. They are able to see opportunity in the direst of situations. They refuse to throw the towel in, but because of their dogged determination and ruthless nature, tend to push people away. Crocodile people show deep appreciation for the things they have achieved, obtained or experienced, and when they open their hearts to possibility, make devoted partners and parents. As a land-dwelling animal and an aquatic one, Crocodile Dreaming acts as a doorkeeper to both the tangible world and the Underworld; embodying life and death in their purest forms. Crocodile, with its eyes positioned on the top of its head, encourages us to see above and beyond physical limitation and emotional burden so that we may trust our intuition and inherent ability to manifest our heart’s desire.
-Scott A. King’s Animal Messenger

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